There are many types of grills, but which one is right for you? Here are the basic types of grills commonly found in stores. It\’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.
Small Contact Electric Grill – Not only can you use this grill to cook delicious food outdoors occasionally, but it can also be used at home during the winter months. Freshly grilled vegetables and meats are exceptional, even during the cold season. It is also a healthy cooking method because it does not use fat.
Grilované maso
Small Charcoal “Barrel” Grills – You don\’t have a big party, but you want to enjoy the delicious taste of charcoal cooking once in a while. Then there are so-called barrels. It\’s a small barrel-shaped grill with an open top. For a typical garden barbecue, a couple of people should be enough. You can also put it in the trunk of your car and enjoy a holiday barbecue at the cottage or under a tent.
A large barbecue with smoke box – if you like to be outside all day long. If you are with friends or family, you can have breakfast and dinner on this type of barbecue. It can also cook large quantities. If you combine it with a smoker, you can not only grill over charcoal but also smoke directly. You can eat vegetables in the morning and smoked meat in the evening. All-in-one charcoal grill.
Large Charcoal Grill Type – Larger models can also be used for charcoal grilling. These types often have additional storage space for meat, vegetables, or utensils for grilling them. We should not forget that this type of grill also has a retractable canopy.
Gril na uhlĂ­
Gas-powered – Don\’t want to get dirty with coal? Don\’t want to carry this bag of wood chips everywhere? All you need is a gas bottle that attaches to a rather large grill. It works just like a gas stove. You won\’t taste the pleasant taste and smoke of charcoal, but you will enjoy the food you cook.
Of course, there are many other models. Just go to the first store that sells them. The clerk will be happy to help you choose the right one for you.