In today\’s article you will learn a little about Brexit, why, how, and what happens next. As you all know, the United Kingdom has been mulling over the question of whether to leave for some time now; nothing happened after the people voted to leave the EU in the June 23, 2016 referendum, made possible by Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, which, along with the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, is the basis for the entire EU .
The only thing that happened after the vote was that Prime Minister David Cameron resigned and was replaced by Theresa May. However, Prime Minister Cameron was unable to resolve the situation successfully, or at least partially, and resigned during May of this year.
velká británie nebo eu
Thus, you could calculate for yourselves that this national crisis situation, which is weighing heavily on the whole of Europe, has been going on for just over three years. But why has no one been able to resolve this situation? This is not a problem of the relationship between the EU and the UK; it is a problem within the UK, especially in Northern Ireland.
This is because, after leaving the European Community, parts of the country will become a kind of walled unit, effectively building a “wall” between Ireland and British-ruled Northern Ireland, leading to permanent separation. So what would happen to this issue?
1. The UK will not leave the EU
This situation would of course be most advantageous economically, but would probably be detrimental to the dignity of the country. Thus, many may think that the people there are not advanced enough in the 21st century to agree on such a fundamental political issue. On the other hand, there may be strikes within the United Kingdom. For the people may not like the idea of the government deciding their lives without repeatedly asking them what they want and what they actually want.
2. The UK will move forward with the agreement
This is not a bad solution either: the EU is not seen as an absolute dictator and, according to occasional opinions, can do whatever it wants, and the UK will not lose much since it will get favorable trade terms. I believe this is a realistic possibility, provided, however, that they leave by a given date, October 31, 2019
evropa a británie
3. The UK will leave without agreement
However, if this terrible nightmare of the British people comes to pass, the damage will be most pronounced in trade and international relations. With regard to the first major category, it can be said that this country\’s position would be equal to that of a third country, since its trade relations with other countries would be subject to the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO). However, international relations could suffer more, as exports of goods from this country could be severely restricted.
Therefore, I personally hope that the UK will be very strong and that this issue, which could affect the Czech economy, will finally be resolved. What is your attitude toward Brexit and the EU in general?