First launched in 2010, this non-competing app was designed for photo sharing and within a few years evolved into an absolute phenomenon among social networks. The app allows not only photos, videos, and daily snippets to be shared, but also live broadcasts and, most importantly, very effective and targeted advertising for businesses. Simply switch from a personal profile to a business profile and order the ads that this app promotes. Instagram offers three types of ads.
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The new targeted ads are possible on the Facebook platform as well as on Messenger itself. The ads on this application allow users to contact potential customers through chat. In real life, targeted ads are shown to users during private conversations, with the option to contact the advertiser or visit its page or profile. Again, specific user groups can be targeted. Since Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram are non-competing applications, they work in tandem, allowing targeted ads to be placed in one application (e.g., Messenger) and at the same time, under one promotion and one payment, in the other application (e.g. Instagram, etc.) can be implemented directly.
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The most famous social network of the 21st century also allows advertising options, of course.
– Increase the number of visitors to your site
– Connect your page with more users
– Promote your posts
– Allow users to follow your page
In the case of advertising, Facebook allows you to choose the range of users to promote, as well as the buttons and text types to be displayed in the ad post. These ads can be used to increase awareness of your business, attract users to your website or business profile, or target only a subset of posts and promote them individually. This latter form of advertising is widely used to promote products preferred by customers.
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Social networks represent a large-scale marketing and advertising structure that no one could have imagined when these websites, applications, and platforms were launched.