One of several social events is theMnet Asian Music Awards. Twenty-five awards are given out at this event each year, four of which are major “Grand Awards“. However, the entire program, which lasts over three hours, includes breathtaking performances. No wonder it attracts thousands of fans from all over the world.
The four major awards “Taesang” were all won by BTS, which has won the titles of Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and World Icon of the Year since the second awards ceremony. But BTS did not end with just four awards. They won five more awards (Best Male Group, Best Music Video, Best Male Group, Best Dance Performance, and World Fans\’ Choice)Umělci na pódiu.jpg
If you think the group showed off everything they can do at MMA 2019, you are You\’d be wrong. They showed what they were all about in the 25 minutes of performance given to them by the organizers. The performance was divided into three parts:

  • Future meets Past – fans reminisced about BTS\’ early days when they tried to show how much society oppressed the youth with the songs N.O andWe are bulletprof pt. 2,
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  • Past meets present – they showed how the past meets the present with the songsBoy with loveandMicrocosm,
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  • Present meets the future – they showed how the future is still not entirely certain with the songDionysus. They showed in the songDionysusthat the future is not yet completely clear.

Hráč na klavír.jpg
The great performances were regularly interspersed with the reactions of the idols to the various performances, and there were many highlights from last year. In particular, the collaboration between MAMAMOO and the famous singer J.Y. Park was noted for the fact that at the end of their joint performance, the camera was turned on GOT.7\’s Jackson, who was displeased by his surprised expression.MAMA 2019 was a real success, and the organizers are preparing what they have in store for us again next year. I can\’t wait to see what the organizers have in store for us again next year.