You might think this is a famous fairy tale character, but it is not. The correct spelling should distinguish it. That fairy tale creature is Ali Baba. Split and spelled with a capital letter. 7] broke sales records by a wide marginI picked up the aforementioned store after reading an article about it. But more on that later. Let\’s take a quick look at what this e-shop actually is.
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It would not be very instructive to write that their price per share is almost $100.15 (12/11/2018). So again.
Alibaba Group is China\’s largest information technology group. Now headquartered in Hangzhou, it was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma with his name in the headline. Four years later he also launched the auction site Taobao. And more gadgets were created, like payment gateways and also various trading platforms.
Now, let\’s talk about the record itself. Like every year,November 11comes but once, and on this day the history of the said trade is made. In Western countries, this day is called Singles\’ Day. Somehow it has not taken hold in our country, or perhaps I am unaware of it.
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Russian servers sold a billion dollars in 85 seconds! worth of goods sold, they fully confided to us.
A Czech server picked up the news and now boasts the headline that it sold $10 billion worth of goods in one hour What\’s the third number? Since nothing is impossible, let\’s read another fascinating report of over $80 billion in sales n. in 24 hours from a completely different server, not in Russian. After all, the news is guaranteed. Let us not speculate on the exact amount, but accept only the fact that records have fallen. The new tariffs imposed by the US and the fall of China\’s currency, the yuan, is still a commendable turnaround. In just 16 hours, last year\’s record has already fallen.
For the average person, this is an unimaginable amount of money, and I am not alone in wanting to keep at least a tenth of it in my own account.