1) Christmas gifts and presents in general
You want to please a loved one, cheer up the kids, or buy them a slightly expensive gift. Or you have a very demanding partner and need an expensive gift. If you don\’t have the income to provide such gifts from your own reserves, this is probably one of the biggest signals that you should never borrow. Believe it or not, if your child or lover only likes you when you buy them expensive gifts, that\’s probably not a very good relationship. And then they lose interest again after laughing at you all night. What if your partner demands that you give him or her expensive gifts? That person will always drag you down anyway, so you should break it off. Expensive gifts are not everything. Someone who really likes you will be happy with a box of candy.
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2) Holidays
If you like luxury holidays, watch out. Even a luxurious vacation can be done on the cheap. There are many websites out there with lots of tips and tricks to help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest and spend the least amount of money. The first thing is definitely to ditch the various agencies and who-knows-what vendors. You can do it all yourself. That way, you can enjoy your vacation more. Moreover, the price of such a vacation is thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars less. It takes a little time and courage. But at least the price will be lower for the travel agent\’s commission.
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3) Electronics.
Would you want to buy a cell phone for 30,000 yen even if you are not a manager of a multinational company? Is there any use for such a cell phone for the average user? Or would you want to buy a top-of-the-line TV, even an old one? So they can go into debt. What are you going to do, you can get a TV for a few thousand dollars. If someone thinks they need the best TV to watch the Czech series, too bad. But if you don\’t need something unnecessarily expensive, why spend the money on it? Better to take out aloanfor a round-the-world trip.