Nowadays, when the economic situation of many families is not so simple, it is quite common to not have enough food to eat or to eat food whose expiration date has long passed. I am not saying that this is the case everywhere, but unfortunately it does happen. I myself believe that such situations can be avoided if one is careful.
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Personally, I take a position that leads me to believe that if society as a whole were taught to behave differently, then maybe no one would end up like this. Unfortunately, however, we are part of a consumer society that believes that if there is a shortage of food of all kinds in our homes, it is a bad thing and our standing in society will be diminished.
In reality, however, that is not the case at all! In the real world, having enough food is everything. Food is really important for our bodies to function properly and, accordingly, to perform as expected by those around us. But to get to the heart of the matter, let\’s look at the influence of the concepts of quality and quantity in the context of consumerism.
Unfortunately, prices have continued to rise over time, and many people can no longer afford complete luxury, but this is not so fundamental or bad. What is worse is that people have become accustomed to buying on sale, discount, or clearance, which probably results in the quantity problems mentioned above. The result is that large quantities of items that are not of very high quality and, in fact, are not even necessary at the moment, are stored in the home
However, if our country were to emphasize quality over quantity, many things would be better off. Czech suppliers and manufacturers would be prioritized, so more people could get jobs in the country. In addition, the environment would improve and, most importantly, the economic situation of this small nation would improve.
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That said, there are times in life when we have no choice, and we understand that. After all, life is about living life to the fullest and we don\’t want to be worrying about bills and money forever.