The well-known wheat and rye breads

consist of 47% wheat flour and 13% rye flour; the remaining ingredients are water, salt and yeast. It is generally very popular because of its variety of flavors.
Rye bread
Rye bread is made with only rye flour, rye starch, salt, and water, with other ingredients such as spices, buckwheat flour, seeds, and oatmeal added as needed.
různé druhy chleba
Rye bread also includes “Moscow bread,” which is made with potato flour added in addition to rye flour.
různé druhy chleba
Seed bread
As the name suggests, sunflower, chia, pumpkin, sesame, and flax seeds are used as ingredients, which contain fiber and improve digestion.
Bread made from natural sourdough
Sourdough is made from only flour and water. Bread baked from sourdough is easier to digest, lasts longer, and has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora. Bread made from natural sourdough is available in health food stores, and some supermarkets are beginning to carry it.
Bread with buckwheat flour or buckwheat bran
This bread is easy to digest, and buckwheat flour has a strengthening effect on blood vessels.
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Spelt bread
It is made from spelt starch, water, spelt flour, salt, and caraway seeds. It is very beneficial to the digestive tract because it contains valuable vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and can lower and calm cholesterol levels in the body. Spelt wheat, which contains vitamin A, helps break down free radicals in the body, and its effects can be seen in the quality of the skin and hair.
Bread with onions and garlic
Adding sautéed onions or garlic to a basic bread mix gives bread a savory flavor.
Bread with nuts or sun-dried tomatoes
These special breads spice up your diet when you want to try something new. Breads made with these ingredients are usually made in small, privately owned bakeries. And now they can also be found in certain grocery stores