You certainly don\’t want to have to dispose of broken trees or frozen plants or replant your lawn in the spring. But how can we prevent winter damage? There are several ways, but this article will focus on an overall quick winterization of the garden.
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A basic step is to clean the lawn. It is not advisable to leave old, dry grass and leaves in place during the winter. Also, mowing the lawn again before winter will make it easier to dig out moss and old grass in the spring. However, do not mow when it is about to freeze. The turf could begin to rot quickly.
After this treatment is complete, move on to tree care. If you live near a forest or in an unfenced yard, it is essential to protect the tree trunks. You can buy insect netting and wrap it around the cumin. If no netting is available, a simple wooden frame around the tree will prevent animals from poking their noses into it and approaching the plant. Another method is to provide hay, acorns, chestnuts, or whatever else is deemed necessary for the winter to allow animals to forage. However, such areas should be provided as far away as possible from anything that might harm the animals.
Now let us turn to ornamental shrubs such as yews. These are in danger of being damaged by the weight of the snow, so it is advisable to tie the entire sapling from top to bottom with a sturdy rope. There is no need to wonder how much to pull the branches to the trunk. The branches will not break. That is what happens when the snow tilts the branches downward.
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What about delicate plants like strawberries, blackberries, certain flowers, and especially roses? How can they be protected from freezing during holom frost? No, they do not mind snow, but they do mind direct frost. If you can find coniferous shrubs, lay them on the ground. Spread soil or mulch as high as possible next to the roses. If this is not an option, there are non-woven fabrics that work exactly the same way.
Once you incorporate these protective elements into your garden, you will find that there is little or no damage in the spring.