It began casually – in 2020, a coronal crisis began that will literally affect the entire planet. It was a new disease, the course and cure of which was initially unknown to anyone. From the beginning, so-called conspirators claimed that the Coronal Crisis was like a common flu and would take a much worse course, and others began to scoff at these opinions. Some attributed the decline in sales to the disease; others to their own opinions. This is what happens in a democracy.

demonstrace na ulici

The crisis lasted for two years, and the related measures nearly drained the finances to the bottom. The war between Russia and Ukraine is slowly coming to a head, and the people, divided to the point of calling it the Corona Crisis, continue to fight in this area. The people are divided into two camps that cannot be reconciled, and of course both are right on all counts. Notably, one group is characterized by a high level of aggression and calls for harsh punishment of opponents. These people first supported action against the coronavirus and are now standing up for Ukraine. Now they are calling for harsh punishment of those who do not even make the issue black and white. It is difficult to say exactly what triggered this aggression, but the fact remains that such behavior is extremely dangerous.

policie demonstrace

The Internet can take on a lot. However, many of these people lose their inhibitions outside of the Internet and can physically attack those who do not share their one and only truth. Isn\’t it time for politicians to unite the people instead of dividing them? Where is the imaginary line where people start punching each other in the face? Isn\’t enough violence and bickering already enough? According to many, this is a watershed year, so why not use it positively to try to glue together a broken society?