In this age of downloading songs in seconds for a pittance or browsing Spotify for free, who still buys CDs?
There are still stores that sell CDs, albums, posters, and even collectible records. But who will shop there? Probably some really loyal fans. Besides, CDs can only be played on the radio or on some computers, you can only dream of listening to CDs on your new TV, and the seller will push one or two flash drives at you. I mostly listen to CDs in my car because loading my favorite songs onto a flash drive is a pain and the radio sucks.
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CDs are for dinosaurs. No one wants to walk to the other side of town to a store where they can\’t find what they want. Download Spotifyon your phone, click on all your favorite songs, and you\’ve got a thousand songs. There are original versions, album art, and headphones. But Spotify also has a major drawback. Unless you pay for the full version, you have to be connected to the Internet to listen to it. One minute you\’re enjoying your favorite songs and singing along, and the next minute a green alien pops up with a Christmas warning and your ears are about to burst. Spotify has more ads than songs.
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Wouldn\’t it be better to buy a CD? You can pick it up, shake it, and yes, the songs on the CD can be loaded onto your phone. And you won\’t be a dinosaur. Music artists give you a nice jacket with the CD, and you get the whole album. Some of them are even sold with extra posters and various odds and ends. What about these picks? In the future, all music stores will be torn down and Spotify or something similar will rule the world.
But whatever, I want to go to concerts, I can buy CDs, have autographs and dedications. I don\’t even need a store. I\’d rather be a dinosaur than be scared of ads.
I\’ll buy a CD.