In connection with the implementation of the new GDPR directive, the website was also forced to make certain changes. For consumer protection reasons, you must consent to the collection and use of data, such as visits to the Site. These are mainly used for advertising purposes and are collected using set cookies. And what users have to give today is consent to them.

souhlas či nesouhlas s cookies

The problem is that the majority of people are not very familiar with this or are too lazy to read everything correctly. And the site itself does not do much to make it easier for them – after all, that\’s how they make money. Therefore, it is not surprising that they simplify them only to the extent that they are ordered to do so by law.

However, this means that we, as users, need to be more careful. And it is thanks to the law that we can set cookies in just the way we want. This is exactly what the law requires. But how to do it?

Each time you visit the website, you must select the “Manage Cookies” option or its settings in English. We recommend that you check all the options here to ensure that no data about us is collected. It is also good to check later. It only allows you to save this option.

surfování na počítači

Of course, it is true that many sites offer the option of “reject everything”, but even this option does not really mean that nothing is collected. In fact, it can keep things active that the site uses as needed. Therefore, it is always recommended to go into the settings, even if this option is provided.

Of course, we can ask ourselves what\’s wrong with them collecting data about us. But it\’s good to understand what they can actually offer. It\’s whether we want different companies to have information about our interests and hobbies and provide us with targeted advertising accordingly.Of course, some people may not care, but we should always have a choice.