Mullein is enough to grow stony soil. But now in the summer it shines with yellow flowers and is very fond of pollinating bees. It has also been used for generations for health. Its dried flowers, collected from 5 to 9 months, help internally to calm cough, bronchitis and hoarseness, but also externally with leg ulcers and hemorrhoids.

Květ divizny

Mullein can also be grown in the garden

It is an unpretentious plant, and the soil for its cultivation can be poor not only in nutrients, but also in moisture, which can become a real highlight of our garden. Important for potential growers are plants of the 1st grade, which form a rosette of ground leaves in the 2nd year, die in the fall and grow to its beauty only in the 2nd year.
divizna velkokvětá

Collection, treatment and use of mullein flowers

Flowers are collected in dry weather, and when drying, we must pay attention to the great sensitivity of flowers. It is better to put it in a closed container immediately after drying, because if you shake it lightly, it will not only fall off the plant, but also turn brown when it dries in rainy weather. Properly dried flowers should have a golden yellow color and a honey taste. But be careful not to collect seed capsules for drying, they are poisonous and in the past were also used for poaching to intoxicate fish. The flower contains mucus substances, flavonoids, which, in addition to expectorants, act against inflammation of the larynx of the mouth. Internally, three to four teaspoons per four decisions of hot water are used. They have small hairs, so infuse for 15 minutes and strain the flowers through a fine sieve. In addition to external wraps from dried flowers, for example, for ulcers on the legs, we can use non-dried, that is, fresh flowers to make products for the treatment of small wounds and abrasions. How to do it? We use olive oil and pour fresh flowers of mullein there. The oil is about 1 deciliter, and the flowers are a handful. Close the glass and place it on a window that is well illuminated by the sun. Every day, the contents of the glass must be shaken, strain after 3 weeks, put in a jar and store in a cool and dark place. In addition to abrasions, you can also use the contents for insect bites.