Don\’t worry
You may be a bit scared because you haven\’t tried it yet and are worried that it will damage or burn your hair. But there is no need to worry. It is designed to be as gentle as possible on the hair, and as a result, our crown jewel of beauty will be beautifully smooth.žena s uhlazenými světlými vlasy

Flat iron surfaces include tourmaline, aluminum, titanium, and ceramic. The most hair-friendly irons are those with ionization features that prevent frizz. The surface of the iron can also be infused with argan oil or keratin.
Protection first
The temperature of any flat iron should be set according to how smooth you want your hair. Remember, however, that high temperatures can erode hair and cause damage over time. When ironing, always start at a lower temperature and observe the condition of your hair. If your hair is blonde and you color it often, use only the gentlest hair straightener.
Flat irons can now also be steam irons, which use steam pressure to gently flat iron hair. The equipment is equipped with a water tank. The plates are movable and easy to handle. The finished hair is shiny.žena, která si drží vlasy
A useful feature when ironing is products that protect hair from heat stress. They can be applied as a conditioner when washing hair or as a protective cream before washing. These cosmetics moisturize and nourish the hair and do not stress the hair when exposed to heat shock. Protective oils, sprays, and solutions with the same effect can also be used.
Beauty helpers should be of good quality. The length of the power cord is around 180 cm, but some types can reach 300 cm.