A person who has a pool in the garden can count himself lucky. Swimming is fun and healthy. It can be enjoyed not only by young people, but also by people of retirement age. However, for indoor pools, it can not be used every day for 1 year, but can only be used for several months, especially in spring, summer and early autumn. In recent years, summer has been a very hot one, but even at this time there may be cold days when the pool is practically unusable. At least if you do not use a water heater.
květ u bazénu
Too cold water is very unpleasant even if there is steam outside. A person can easily catch a cold during bathing, and this is definitely not desired by anyone. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically heat the water. This can be done in 2 ways. You can invest a lot of money on a special water heater that can bring it to the desired temperature in a moment or choose a much cheaper way.
The difference between a heater and a tarpaulin lies not only in the difference in price, but also in the possibility of use. Water heaters can also be used in winter and out of season. But this is primarily a suitable feature for a swimming pool, which is at least partially covered, for example, a large pergola. In winter, you can also use a solar sail, but during this period the sun\’s rays are not very strong, so there is basically no result. This is a type of heating, which is applied mainly in late spring, and, of course, in summer.
závodník v plavání

Zero cost

The big advantage of solar sails is that they have zero energy consumption. Heating of water consumes a large amount of electricity, but the sail heats the water only with the help of the sun, which does not cost anything.You will only pay for a sail itself, and you have no other costs. The price of the sail depends mainly on the brand and, of course, on the size. The smaller you are, the less you will pay.