Many young people want to buy a house or barracks in the future, but with today\’s real estate prices, which have risen sharply in recent years, they have no chance. Needless to say, the conditions required by banks to obtain a mortgage remain less than favorable, and the situation is unlikely to change or even get worse in the near future. [Even looking at apartment rental prices, they have risen enormously, and we are in a recession. It has long been common knowledge that prices in Prague are high, but now it is not only in the capital. Throughout the Czech Republic, housing is so expensive that one has to mine gold bars to buy a house or apartment.
ekonomick√Ĺ tlak
Factors affecting real estate prices:
– good location (attractiveness of surroundings, location)
– region, city, municipality
– technical conditions, in the case of apartments, technical conditions of the whole building (insulation, etc.. 15] – number of floors (multi-storey buildings), in the case of apartments it is important whether the building has one or seven floors
– land (large, small, ornamental garden)
– size, whether it is a house, apartment or barracks (3+1, 5+1)
prices are based on certain factors but still high. Compared to the real estate market six years ago, for example, when even salaries were a bit cheaper, one would wonder how far the market has come.
Renting is better!
Thanks to real estate prices, people are increasingly choosing to rent. As demand influences supply, the rental market will recover. If you look at today\’s supply, you will see that prices have already skyrocketed. Instead of thinking about why and how this happened, we need to think about the economics of our country.
mince kolem rostlinky
Sometimes people may tell you to wait a year or two before buying a flat or house because the economic climate will change and property prices will fall. But in reality, no one knows what the market will be like in a few years. [Be cautious when buying a property and don\’t be misled by the price or the condition of the property.