The approach to subordinates is an individual issue for each company.
· Purely formal
· Open-access formal
firemní plánování
This formal approach must be evident in the workplace already in the selection procedure with a given job seeker. Sometimes, the only measure is whether the candidate will be met by a personnel officer or directly by the head of the department or the director of the company. It happens that over time, the communication is converted only to electronic or telephone format.
If we examine directly the gut of successful companies and functioning teams around the world, their prerogatives are often unpleasant points, familiar with the itineraries of employees, good communication, both personal and electronic (in the case of large companies).
If this working meeting is done efficiently, it may not be entirely unpleasant. What\’s more, it may become popular. It is important to be able to lead the meeting. Something special. Whether it should be a joke, a rhetorical question, or a motivational quote casually left on the whiteboard. It all depends on the approach to the above types of subordinates. In addition, it is necessary to set the exact format of the presentation of individual meeting points – successes, failures, updates (news and changes from last week). And again from the fresh conclusion of the meeting. Motivating breakups, jokes, kick-off to a new week. Note the new Sun card.
pracovní prostředí v kanceláři
The art of listening
There is a noticeable difference between listening and listening. If you have already made an appointment with someone for a certain reason, time is precious, so you need to prepare it and know how to make the most of it. Write notes, ask questions (don\’t listen), show interest.
Electronic communication as an excellent tool
Good relationships are often taken care of by the human resources department. Sending corporate magazines or newsletters for employees\’ internal needs is a very common thing nowadays.
No matter what you decide to do, don\’t take care of your employees lightly. Food stamps and coffee at work are no longer a bonus for someone to tear your hands off.