How much to spend on Christmas gifts?

The answer to this question often depends on the environment in which we grew up. However, we don\’t always want to keep doing the same thing, and often the opposite is true. So if your partner grew up in a family that saved money on gifts and spent almost nothing on gifts, he or she will want to make up for that and provide as many gifts as possible for his or her children. On the other hand, if you had more money to spare, you would probably not need to compensate for anything and would provide ample gifts. Unlike the first case, he would be aware that not everything can be measured by the monetary value of the gift.
Holčičky ve vánočních pyžamech

What kind of gift should he choose?

Aside from the age of the child and his or her wishes, they will probably want to choose something that will suit them as well. However, the child himself or herself should also be pleased with the surprise. But what should not be forgotten is the child\’s own foundation. If the child likes to read or play an instrument, you won\’t be able to please him very much. On the other hand, if he never moves from the playground, books will rather bore him. So choose a compromise so that not only do you like to play with your child, but the toys will also entertain him.

How can a family agree on a gift?

First, be clear about how many gifts you want to give your children. Do you want to be frugal or generous at Christmas, do you want to give a few small gifts or one big gift? Then get in touch with grandmothers, aunts, and uncles to get an idea of what and how many gifts the children will receive. You will certainly be disappointed if the Christmas vacation is too meager, but on the other hand, if you flood the children with gifts, they themselves will gradually lose track of what everything under the tree actually was and will drop out in the middle of unwrapping.
Holčička u stromečku

Stereotypes matter.

Not all little girls like playing with dolls, and not all boys necessarily get excited about cars. So pay attention to the children\’s true interests and choose gifts according to those preferences. Also, make sure the other members of the family know which toys they like so that they can enjoy opening their gifts.