I remember my grandmother and grandfather well. My grandmother and grandfather lived in a village with a really large number of people my age, and we were all very close. My sister and I used to go there by bus. We always enjoyed going to my grandmother\’s house because she loved to bake and cook sweet things. And we also enjoyed being with their friends; they were around 60 years old, but we still got along very well.

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Well, I think they had a great time with us. In my opinion, all old people enjoy the company of young children. I loved hearing about the old folks who had good childhoods. Well, a good childhood. Sometimes I learned that not all childhoods were as perfect as I thought they were. My idea of childhood was always perfect. I thought the society of my childhood was always beautiful and playful. I sometimes recall a woman telling me that her childhood was not so good and that she lived with only adults because she had no siblings.

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So it was just boring and sad, she said. I can say I\’m in good company. I have an older sister and an older brother, so we get along pretty well. For example, I get along well with my neighbor who is 10 years older than me. At least we share life experiences. At least she is older. However, it is up to each person to decide which circle they want to join. And what kind of friends you like the most. I think it depends on each person, and it depends a lot on the kind of society we live in and where we grew up. But it also depends on how we feel about that society. I don\’t mind being with my family. I like and appreciate the company of my family very much.