There are two pages on LinkedIn that you can work on: one is an opportunity for regular users looking for work to market themselves. The other is an opportunity for businesses to showcase their business. And it is this page that we are focusing on right now. [LinkedIn marketing expert Larry Julio offered some advice on how to do this at the Prague Summit.
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As with social media, regular posting is the key to success. It has been found that up to twice as many users visit company pages that post daily. Year-over-year, traffic increases by up to 50%.

Interesting content

Visual content, of course, is more viewed than text alone, increasing by 38 percent. So focus on photos and short 8- to 30-second videos . It is the best way to introduce your business to the public in the simplest way possible. Be sure to caption your video and convey as much valuable information as possible.

The 60 : 40 marketing rule

This is nothing new for marketers. But what does it mean to the layman: The 60:40 strategy means that 60 percent of your content should be about the future and building your reputation. The remaining 40 percent should focus directly on customers and so-called calls to action. This is a way of telling customers exactly what to do, for example, visit a particular page on a website.
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Find out what people are interested in

Of course, before creating content, you need to find out what people are interested in; the LinkedIn Insight Tag can help provide demographic information about your visitors. Another option is Content Suggestions, a tool that shows you exactly which content and topics are the least popular.

Following these tips can dramatically increase traffic and provide customers with a wealth of valuable information. And in addition to traffic, you can ideally increase sales. The more people see your content, the more people will buy what you sell. So don\’t hesitate to take small steps that lead to big changes.