You may also think of the word school. But you don\’t have to associate writing solely with unpleasant grades. Let\’s look at some reasons to start writing.

Find Yourself Creative

Maybe you weren\’t impressed with writing essays as a minor in school. Perhaps you told yourself that you did not have the necessary imagination.

The opposite is true.

Find the creativity you think you don\’t have. Challenge yourself with an amazing article and the words could roll right out from under your hands.


New challenges

Writing can be considered a new challenge, something you want to get better at and achieve better results. It is never easy at first, and you should not be discouraged if you don\’t get it right the first time. Just persevere.

Get to know your new community

It\’s like playing a sport. Become part of a community of athletes, meet new faces and personalities, and form new friendships and collaborations. You can do the same with writing, especially if you join Facebook groups or start following Instagram accounts. Voila, you have new friends who can help and support you.

Gain new experience

Nothing to put on your resume? No experience? Maybe you can get something to write about.

Job seekers who can speak Czech are appreciated by everyone. 40]

At the same time, you gain personal experience in planning, proactive thinking, time management, etc.


You can make money

Yes, you can make money writing. Even if you have no experience. You can do anything if you want to.

You can find work directly on the website of your choice or start offering your writing on free sites. Don\’t pay anything for a trial, maybe someone will contact you and you will be able to earn from the comfort of your home.

Writing is a great tool for self-development. At the same time, it can fill up your free time that you know you can fill with meaningful activities.

So why not start?