1) Try using multiple colors rather than black and white

When you see a website, the first impression it makes on you is probably the greatest. However, a black-and-white site will not make a memorable and pleasant impression; on the contrary, it will look like the website of a local crematorium, and such a look is not at all appropriate for a nursing home site, for example.
šablony webovek

2) Pictures are not a bad thing

If your site has no pictures or drawings, you are making a big mistake. Graphics are just as important as text, as these tabloids that smuggle any silliness into the public spectrum will convince you. Give your website an autumn forest, a meadow in bloom, a happy family, if it is a community center, etc., in short, give it an eye-catching touch that fits the theme of the text. 13]

3) Interactive pages

. Aside from pop-ups and scrolling ads, try to create pages with a more modern look. Something is happening on the page, something is scrolling, something is being revealed, and that is not a bad thing at all. The page is alive and not stiff. Make the visitor feel alive. But please refrain from soundtracks and excessive animation.
ve výstavbě

4) No sound

Unless it is a video or an invitation, do not play sound. The first time you listen to it you will be amused, the fifth time you will be disgusted, and the tenth time you will want to hang the site owner. 22]

5) Font

Even the font can be changed graphically. Unless you are a vampire fan club, it will look terrible and take you back in time to Victorian England.

Try these tips and see. Your site may reach different heights. Or, even with the best design, you may find that your site didn\’t have much to offer before.