As fall approaches, the garden needs to be winterized and the pool cleaned. It is also a good time to purchase a pool. Major hypermarkets offer interesting discounts at the end of the season. If your own pool is getting old, look for these promotions and buy a children\’s pool in advance at a great price.podzimní dekorace na zahradě.jpg
Harvest your zucchini, patissons, tomatoes, and cucumbers before the frosts set in and enjoy the harvest. If apple seeds are already brown, it\’s a sign to pick them and store them in the cellar. Carrots can be winterized by “scraping off” the blue stems, removing dirt, and drying them a bit. They can then be placed upside down in a 5-liter dry bottle and placed in the cellar for the winter to take their vitamins. Alternatively, carrots, parsnips, celery, and beet can be stored in a box filled with sand in the cellar. If you have a dry basement, you can lightly water the vegetables to keep them from drying out.ježek v listí.jpg
Fallen leaves should be raked constantly and composted or shredded with a lawn mower for natural fertilizer. Consider animals. For hedgehogs, pile up large leaves and sticks in a corner of your yard to provide a winter hiding place. Water your roses and newly planted trees well before winter sets in.
A garden gives you pleasure as well as work. Decorate your patio with ornamental pumpkins, arrange dried flowers, add interesting pebbles, or get a new garden accessory that will catch your eye when you visit the garden center. Prepare a few fall decorations for your windowsill, too. Colorful heather is inexpensive at the supermarket. Be sure to get some beautiful flowering chrysanthemums, too. They will chase away the loneliness of the passing summer and delight you with their brightly colored blooms.