It has been known for about two years that a dating service is in development. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he was planning this extension shortly after the unfortunate scandal of misuse of user data. He cited the fact that there are just over 200 million singles registered with the social network as the reason for this. In other words, at least they don\’t mention that in their profiles. The company\’s goal is to help users maintain long-term relationships, rather than one-night stands like traditional online dating sites.
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And it was precisely statements like these that influenced Zuckerberg. For example, the stock price of the company that operates the Tinder app fell sharply. Whether the dating service will be able to beat the category\’s undisputed giant depends on Facebook\’s commitment to lousy security. In Zuckerberg\’s words, that\’s their plan. That\’s why we focus on protecting your privacy.”
But it is one thing to promise something and another to keep it.
In countries outside the United States and the European Union, the system has already been up and running since last September. However, it will not be available in the Czech Republic for some time. The company had originally planned to go live on February 20, but the authorities did not like the company\’s approach. First, they announced the start date of Dating only 10 days in advance, and second, they did not even submit the personal data protection documents. Given the recent problems with this data, this is quite ridiculous. They must want to fix their reputation.
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The lawsuit is being handled primarily in Ireland, where the company\’s European division is based. In other words, they are taking on the Irish Data Protection Commission. In other words, the decision of the Irish Commission is the most weighty and final. After hearing the complaints, Facebook hoped to postpone the start of dating indefinitely. However, it is possible that the dating service will appear later this year. If the company has already done everything right and, most importantly, notified the Commission well in advance.