We humans do not realize how dependent we are on electricity. We have become accustomed to having it available at the flick of a switch when we need it. As the increasing sales of electric vehicles show, their use continues to grow.But many writers, not just science fiction writers, wonder what would happen if a disaster suddenly caused a total worldwide blackout, especially if it were prolonged. What would be the impact on our lives?The answer is beyond our imagination. First, many of us would lose most of the money in our accounts.

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In fact, banks would not have enough money to pay everyone. Most banks will be forced out of business, and those who have their money in the bank will be happy to get at least some of it.Also, virtually all commodities would be in rapid short supply, especially during the summer months. In fact, motorized machinery is now used in the production of almost all products, and as for food, most of it must be kept cold.Products on the shelves are considerably more expensive to produce. They must be produced by hand, which greatly reduces both cost and efficiency.

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This, combined with the collapse of banks, means that many people will not be able to afford even the basic necessities of life.Another problem will be that refrigerators and freezers will no longer function. This means that people will not be able to stock up when prices are still relatively low.This situation will of course affect public and private transportation. Vehicles would become practically unusable because their batteries would no longer be able to be recharged. Thus, horses and steam engines would have to be used again.Of course, no one wants to experience such a situation. Even if the blackout doesn\’t happen (which is highly unlikely), at least it saves money on the electricity bill. And that is especially useful these days, because it means that the electricity bill can be reduced by at least a few hundred dollars, which is a lot of money.