Even if your garden is untidy and weeds are growing, you can still fully enjoy your garden. Even seemingly simple structures can not only beautify the garden, but also make it more useful. What you want to get out of the space around your home is up to you.
Zahradní altán
– If nothing else, you should at least buy some kind of roofing material for your garden. There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday in the garden on a sunny day. A good roof will make that possible. Sunlight is wonderful, but you don\’t want it to be in your eyes. A pergola, gazebo, or simple scissor tent is an ideal roof for a garden. The first two structures require a lot of work and are not cheap, so if you want to save money at all costs, the third option, the scissor tent, should be a happy medium for you.
Zahradní domek
– During the sultry summer months, it\’s nice to have something refreshing in the garden. This does not mean a cold drink, but perhaps a swimming pool. At first glance, this seems like too big an investment, but pools are cheaper these days than ever before. But no one is saying you should invest your pension in a classic above-ground pool. The above-ground type is also good for cooling off. Of course, you won\’t be swimming much, but it\’s ideal for kids. An alternative is the solar garden shower, which is cheap and effective. Not as attractive as a swimming pool, of course.
– If you like to DIY, you certainly use a lot of tools. But not everything can fit in a garage. A garden house or a less expensive garden cabinet might solve this problem. Wooden, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive, these structures fit perfectly in the garden.