Even if you have a beautiful outdoor seating area in your garden, without a roof, you risk not being able to use it as much as you would like, especially in the spring and fall. Especially in the fall, it is often hit by unexpected rain. And that is not very comfortable. Therefore, you need to buy a proper roofing system that will get rid of this pesky thorn. But which one to buy? Today, the choices are truly abundant.
Altán v přírodě
1. Garden tentsGarden tents – probably the least expensive solution and not lacking in sufficient elegance. This is a staple for outdoor weddings, receptions, and parties, a simple but quite effective canopy. It is not expected to be flashy, but it definitely serves its purpose. The great thing is that this type of tent can be bought in many sizes and is also very inexpensive. For a few thousand yen, you can perfectly cover an outdoor seating area. Of course, strong winds are strictly forbidden. Even if the tent is perfectly secured, strong winds can cause it to topple over. In most cases, this is a temporary solution.
Levný nůžkový stan
2. Pergola – If you are looking for something more permanent and still affordable, a pergola may be a good solution. They are relatively inexpensive, but unlike tents, they are also stable. You can choose between wooden or metal pergolas. These are always prefabricated kits, but they are not too difficult to assemble. If you follow the instructions and have someone on hand, it shouldn\’t take more than a couple of hours to assemble a standard pergola.
Zasněžený altán
3. Gazebos – The king of any garden or park is the classic gazebo. If you want a high-quality, attractive roof, gazebos will not disappoint. Like pergolas, these structures are often made of wood or metal. They are, however, more complex and more expensive. They are usually not easy to assemble, so you will have to hire a specialist, who will of course also cost money.