This psychological condition mainly affects people who are overworked and tired of work. Because of excessive stress and worry, they are not able to experience the pleasure of the work done and there is no sense in continuing it. Most often it appears in people who work in a collective or work with others. The stumbling block is often a workaholic, poor handling of time or little rest.Žena se syndromem vyhoření


The most common symptoms of burnout are apathy and lack of interest in other work problems. A person suffers from insomnia and is prone to overeating. He can fall into depression. At the same time, he gets along with people, forgets more, and it is very difficult for him to concentrate.

How to get rid of burnout?

The most important step is to find help. Talk about your feelings with a loved one or a psychologist. Depending on the severity of the condition, it is also possible to consult a psychiatrist who will choose the appropriate treatment in case of depression or self-destructive tendencies. Next, you need to give yourself enough rest and take a vacation. If we can no longer realize ourselves in a given job, we change it.Zoufalý muž v práci

What to watch out for?

As already mentioned, multiple people suffer from burnout syndrome. We can hurt our loved ones, colleagues or customers and friends.
People can comfort themselves more not only with food, but also with alcohol and drugs. They can often become alcoholics. Signs of the body are, for example, headache, back pain, indigestion or high blood pressure. Episodes of crying, anger, fear, or depression may be added.
The disease affects not only people who are part of a large population. It can occur even if the mother is about the home and takes care of the child for a long time. In case you are taking care of a sick person who is also dependent on your daily care.
If you suspect you are developing this disease, don\’t wait for anything and ask for help. Return your life to meaning and joy.