Snapping, hot, red, tearing eyes are familiar to us, especially to men who work at a computer all day. These men sometimes suffer from this unpleasant problem. It is a very uncomfortable problem that often interferes with reading, office work, and other activities that men with office jobs must do. This ailment is called dry eye syndrome and is extremely painful. What is happening? The tear film of the eye is destroyed, causing undesirable symptoms in the eye modré oko
Most common causes
-Working in air-conditioned places
-Decreased blinking
-Prolonged driving
-Watching TV
-Presenting in front of monitors or similar devices Prolonged work
-Conditions after eye surgery
-Conditions after eye surgery Conditions after eye surgery
-Lack of exercise
-Use of certain medications
-Hormonal disorders
Treatment of dry eye syndrome
Visit a pharmacy first. Buy a lubricant, the so-called artificial tears. The pharmacy clerk will advise you which artificial tears are best for you. This way, the busy clerk does not have to interrupt his work and his employer is not inconvenienced. However, if there is no improvement after a few days, a visit to the doctor is absolutely necessary. The physician will examine the eye in detail, make the correct diagnosis, and provide subsequent treatment. In the most severe cases, cyclosporine or corticosteroid eye drops are used. The newest treatment is to close the tear duct with an implant that is temporarily attached until the eye recovers. It is important to remember that there is only one eye, and it must be properly cared for. Therefore, all people, not just busy workers, need to remember how to protect their eyes and how to work with computers and in atmospheres unsuitable for the eyes. It is important to protect the eyes from sunlight with sunglasses that should be certified for eye protection.
trhliny v hlíně
Glasses bought at markets or pilgrimage sites usually only damage the eyes because they are not made in a certified workshop. Protect your eyes from drafts and dry environments. In conclusion, we cannot ignore our eyes. This is the only way to keep our eyes healthy and problem-free until the end of our lives: find an ophthalmologist starting in our teens, have our eyes checked regularly, and take all precautions.