Choosing garden furniture is very important for those who like to spend time in the fresh air and sometimes want to relax in the garden. But some factors play a role in the choice:

  • Place of furniture. Not all furniture is resistant to the elements, so some are intended only for placement under the shelter.
  • How to use. It also depends on how you use the furniture. For example, a table and a chair are enough for a classic sitting with friends, but it is better if you roll over already bulky furniture with a comfortable pillow.
  • Some materials are easy to maintain, others need to be taken care of regularly. It depends on your time options.
  • When choosing, it\’s also important what you can afford. After all, buying low-quality furniture at a low price does not pay off, and if you want to save, you need to choose something simpler.

And what types of garden furniture are most often chosen?

Metal furniture

Metal furniture usually consists of a sofa or chair with a metal structure, and the seating area is designed with artificial fabric modeled on a mesh. Tables with a metal structure usually have a top of tempered glass. This furniture is maintenance-free, you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth, perhaps polish the glass top of the table. It is also suitable for outdoor use and can be purchased at a low price. Seats for 6 people with a dining table You will get about 7 000 CZK, for 4 people with a low table and about 4 000 CZK.

kovová židle

Plastic furniture

Plastic furniture is usually chosen for its low cost. People usually buy not a set, but a table and a chair separately. Then the table comes out around a thousand crowns, and the chairs come out for hundreds. The disadvantage is that this type of furniture is fragile and therefore has a short service life. It is also suitable for outdoor use, but can have solar-pressed colors. This is maintenance-free furniture.

Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is selected by customers mainly for its appearance. Usually it is an armchair or a comfortable sofa, a set of seat cushions and armrests, a table with tempered glass or wooden planks. You can get this furniture in a small set of about 10 000CZK. However, it is not very suitable for unprotected places, as it gets stuck due to sunlight. Then the pillow must be hidden for rain. But it is so beautiful and also comfortable.

ratanový nábytek

Wooden furniture

When it comes to wooden furniture, you can choose between classic wooden furniture and pallet furniture. Pallets, of course, are more expensive, and you need to buy a special large seat cushion. Wooden furniture sometimes needs to be painted and treated with special preparation. It is also suitable for the sun, but it is better to hide it from the rain, if it is specially soaked and not treated.