A garden need not consist of ground flowers that disappear at the end of the year only to reappear in the spring. There are ways to make a garden special with shrubs, but shrubs do not usually bloom, and when they do bloom, they only brighten up the entire garden.

Some shrubs bloom in the spring, some in the fall, but most bloom in the summer. There are also shrubs that are beautiful but do not flower. However, they can make up for it with their colorful foliage. We will not deal with such shrubs here.
ododendron u plotu

Every shrub needs care. Trimming branches, removing dead leaves, dry leaves, and sometimes dead parts. Just watering and fertilizing them is a lot of work. A good gardener should be able to advise you on what the shrub needs.

One must also remember that shrubs can be subject to a variety of pests. Caterpillars, in particular, eat first the buds and flowers, then the rest of the plant. Also, even if there are many buds in the spring, they may not flower. The same problems with flowering can occur if the shrub does not get the nutrients it needs or if the buds freeze.

So, there is one more important point. It is to protect the shrubs from freezing. It is recommended that small shrubs be covered with trellises or conifer branches during the winter. This way, frost can be prevented directly before snow falls. In the spring, be careful to avoid frost on cold mornings to avoid frost. Do not rush to uncover just because the weather is nice. There may still be frost in the morning and the bush buds may freeze. If that happens, you will wonder why it is not flowering this year.
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If your yard is small, there is no reason not to build a hedge with taller tree species. Not only will it act perfectly as a barrier to direct sight lines from the street or path, but the moment the shrub blooms and fragrances the surroundings, the whole scene becomes delightful.