People used to be more polite
Did our grandmothers always tell us that people treated each other more respectfully in their day? Well, almost always. We used to be poorer and there was always something missing from the store. My grandmother always said that they knew all the neighbors in the apartment and that if they needed milk, for example, they did not hesitate to ask their neighbors for it. Now she doesn\’t even know the other tenants in the apartment. Sometimes new people move in and sometimes they move out. If there is a missing ingredient, rather than bothering someone else, he will pop into the store down the street.
sociální sítě
So how should we behave in today\’s society?
1. We should always use the words “thank you” and “please”. Modern people often forget them.

2. When you are meeting someone, pay attention to them, not the phone. If you want to talk to someone and they are not paying attention to you, you will probably feel uncomfortable.
3. Don\’t gossip. Never do this in chat rooms or emails. It may come across to the wrong person.
4. if you are wearing headphones and someone starts talking, it is polite to remove them.
5. do not talk on the phone about breakups or other unpleasant matters.
6. do not speak loudly into a cell phone, especially on public transportation.
7. always be punctual. Sometimes you will be late, so it is important to apologize in advance for being late.
8. Eat with your mouth closed and do not speak with your mouth full.
9. Wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Many adults, unfortunately, cannot do this. [10. leave a tip when you are satisfied in a restaurant. It is usually about 10%.
soudržnost lidí
I think everyone should follow some basic rules of conduct to make the world a little better. Because if you treat people better, they will treat you better, and then you will have a better life, and so will society.