It\’s easy. Plants in the ornamental garden require little care, and some even propagate themselves and spread further. Suitable plants bloom for a long period of time, from April to October. Self-propagate. Grows to a height of 50-80 cm.
květy denivky
Calendula seeds can be planted at home – pre-cultivate in February or March and plant in April or sow directly from April to June. Once the marigolds have flowered and the seeds are sown, the seeds are buried in the soil and most will grow again the following year. Marigolds usually reach a height of 30-60 cm.
Delphiniums are hardy perennials that grow to a height of 80-140 cm, making them a good background for ornamental lawns. They are about 30 cm tall. 24]

They prefer sunny locations, are very hardy, and do not mind prolonged drought.
Suitable for covering large areas, forming carpets, as low as 10-20 cm. Plant at the front of the garden.
květy krásnoočka
Cat\’s Foot Trefoil (Nepeta x faassenii)
This plant is 20-50 cm tall; cats love it, so if you have furry pets this would be their resting place.
Gyaneva (Heliopsis)
The yellow bracts of this flower are very striking and can decorate any front yard. It reaches a height of 120-150 cm. Many colors are available. New flowers bloom daily. Height usually 70-100 cm.
Daisy (Leucanthemum)
This well-known perennial is hardy and especially suitable for country ornamental gardens. It grows to 50-80 cm. 50]
All but the marigolds are perennials, making them ideal for leisurely gardening.