Like everything else, society has a lot of opinions about drugs. Some people think of sugar as a medicine, while others don\’t care about ecstasy. What are the social standards of drugs, and what are the human arguments?


marijuana, grass, weed. This ” Herbs ” It has many nicknames, but it is hemp and therefore a natural remedy, or medicine. Marijuana is used for many medical purposes, and in some countries it is also prescribed as a cure for anorexia and depression. In Amsterdam, you can buy it in almost any cafe where you can smoke with peace of mind, but in some countries even possession of it is punishable by death. But what about this herb? Marijuana as a drug is most often smoked and sometimes consumed in the form of various cakes, tea or other beverages. This is a light drug, the effect of which is generally pleasant. The food tastes better after it, but the world is suddenly more pleasant. But sometimes it can also cause thoughts that lead to a depressive state. That is why marijuana is very healthy and does not harm the human body in most areas. However, frequent use can lead to phlegm up to the limits of short-term memory impairment, ignorance and irresponsibility, which can lead to even tougher medications. But an interesting true statement is that unlike marijuana, alcohol must be legal and widely available, and the consequences of alcohol consumption are much worse than smoking marijuana.

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The above alcohol is perfectly legal in our country and is not very dangerous. But it is true that there is a strong dependence on alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol, which is actually a liquid poison, can even lead to death. After alcohol, people become aggressive or overly tolerant, lose control and lose a sense of morality. In addition, alcohol harms organs. But on the other hand, there are people who lived in very old times, and thanks to this they send to drink slivovitz every morning. In small amounts, alcohol can be safe, and can be a way to unwind after a hard week. 

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Hard Drugs

Hard drugs include ecstasy, a dance drug that excites, makes people happy, and is full of love. It can be fatal for people with a weak heart. This is an illegal drug, but it is available at discos every second in the form of human trafficking, and once you try it, you are less likely to develop addiction. But even worse, drugs such as meth and heroin can cause irreversible damage to the human body, create a strong dependence on them, and alter the human psyche beyond recognition.