Lavender is a very aromatic medicinal herb with small purple flowers. It is not difficult to grow and only requires proper pruning. It can be grown in pots, but the pot needs to be at least twice as wide as the plant. It does not like a moist environment, so forgetting to water it from time to time will only be appreciated. It is mainly used in aromatic sachets, and its fragrance lasts for months, making apartments beautifully scented.
levandulový pytlíček
Motherwort is another beautifully scented herb, even medicinal. It has sedative properties, which can help prevent stress and headaches. This is where dried herb scent bags come in. It can also be used as a seasoning for cooking, but this use is rather unusual. It is a plant for those who like bees flitting from flower to flower.
Thyme is, surprisingly, a species of daisy. The only difference is that its stems are woody. This is another herb that does not require regular watering and does not mind dry ground. Not only is it now often used as a seasoning in cooking, but it also has medicinal properties. It is effective against fungi and bacteria, and thyme soup is a cough suppressant.
Oregano(oregano) also does not require watering. It can be grown in pots. When grown in the garden, when seeds are produced, one can expect to see it growing all over the place the following year. Oregano has anti-inflammatory properties, but its main benefit is to reduce muscle spasms. Oregano can also be found in the kitchen and is heavily used in Mediterranean cuisine. 19]Bylinný čaj
Robeageis a lesser-known herb used primarily in the kitchen. The leaves and stems of this plant have a strong aromatic flavor, so when added to dishes, it does not give the impression of being an herb. Nevertheless, the taste and aroma can transform a dish. Medicinally, lavage is diuretic when made into a tea.
Mintis an herb that has gained great popularity in recent years. It is not only used in a drink called mojito. Mint is famous for its aroma and taste, which is why it is also used as an ingredient in ointments and candies. Peppermint tea not only warms the body, but also helps relax the nose and sinuses when you feel sick. However, mint should be avoided by pregnant women. It is not suitable for pregnant women.
Lemon balmis best characterized by its lemon-like scent. Simply rub the leaves to release the essential oil and the lemon-like scent will spread to the surrounding area. It is not well suited for drying, as the essential oil loses its aroma. However, using the fresh herb in dishes, cakes, and drinks adds a special flavor. It can sometimes be substituted for lemon peel.