We are in a constant rush to shop cheap in our lives. One might even say that it is our national sport. And more than one or two of us have experienced people tap dancing nervously outside department stores during big sales. Shopping in Germany, in my opinion, is of a higher caliber than shopping in the Czech Republic. This is mainly because the neighboring country is known for its high quality as well as cost-effectiveness. For this reason, Czechs hit the shopping malls in Germany. In these huge shopping centers, one can often find brands sold in the Czech Republic. The difference, however, is that German goods are of better quality, as already mentioned, but Germany also surpasses them in the number of product choices. Unfortunately, we are not yet considered a very well-developed market, so we do not have access to the kind of products found in foreign stores.
černá červená žlutá

German shopping heaven for Czechs

There are many places throughout Germany where one can enjoy shopping. Among the most popular are Dresden and the Kaufpark shopping center here. There are 72 stores here. There are so many stores. Reims and Regensburg are in Bavaria. In the Köne Einkaufscentrum, the largest local shopping center, women who like to shop for clothes, shoes, drugstores, etc. can find their place. Nuremberg and Chemnitz are also popular with Czechs.
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How to save money in Germany?

You can usually buy goods cheaper in Germany than here, but only if you pick a time when there are big sales. That way, shopping can be fun. Check the websites of shopping centers on the Internet to be prepared for shopping abroad. Unfortunately, it goes without saying that there is theft everywhere. So, be very careful with your personal belongings, especially your wallet. Avoid unpleasant situations.