In the virtual world, people are very different from the real world. The cloak of anonymity gives us many opportunities to make ourselves different from reality. On the Internet, one can appear sinister and even dangerous. Be careful who you contact on the Internet. You never know who is sitting behind the monitor across the Internet. We are talking about cyberbullying; we are not talking about the bullying of people on the Internet. On this global network, you are likely to meet many people, including some who will initially gain your trust but then stab you in the back at the right time. This includes people who initially gain your trust but then stab you in the back at the right moment. They may appear to be friends who manipulate you into doing things you would not normally do. Assuming that you have taken some defensive measures, the attacker will launch threatening tactics against you and potentially use any information they obtain from you. This is a classic cyber bullying scenario.

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In order to avoid this situation, you need to act sensibly online. What you put out into this online world can never be recovered. Various servers keep copies of your electronic files, and it is quite likely that you will see them somewhere else after a while. Personally, I have seen my photos uploaded to Instagram on several occasions on different sites. The same goes for texts and videos.

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Unfortunately, many people are stupid. In fact, if an attacker decides to seek out and terrorize his victims, he may not make that much effort. Today, it is very easy to find confidential information and photos of a person, and this is done through social networking sites. People willingly and willingly share things on these networks that should be kept secret or kept within the confines of close friends and family. The icing on the cake is when these materials are completely open to the public without restrictions of oversight. On Twitter, one can easily and quickly learn about the opinions and activities of these individuals. On Instagram, many racy photos can be pulled from the main feed as well as from stories. Therefore, one should pay attention to the display settings of these posts

. I do not understand at all the current trend to publish and upload everything to the Internet. What is the person\’s breakfast, what does he/she do, what organizations does he/she support, what is his/her intimate life like, etc. Of course, the more interesting a person is, the more scrutinized he or she becomes. But do those around us really need to know everything about us? Do we really need to inform people who don\’t know who we really are? Do we really need to share everything on the Web?