Nowadays, few people have the opportunity to taste really fresh fruit just picked from a tree. Even those who have a garden often avoid growing fruit trees. And that\’s a shame. There are many advantages to growing your own fruit.
švestky visící na stromě
The most important thing is that you know exactly what pesticides you sprayed on your trees. If you have only 1 or 2 in your garden for your own use, the spray is usually not necessary at all. Commercial gardeners who care about all fruits make it more difficult. Since this is their livelihood, they try to maximize the harvest. This, of course, also includes protecting the orchard from various parasites. Therefore, they use more different pesticides.

Another advantage of self-production is freshness.1 Fruits often have to go a long way to the supermarket, and it is necessary to keep them in perfect condition. This is achieved mainly by spraying substances that slow down the wilting process, as well as in the appropriate conditions during transportation, namely humidity and temperature.
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An undeniable plus is that you can choose which variety to grow. Yes, supermarkets, for example, offer many varieties of apples, but these are usually only the most popular ones in the world. This is mainly due to the fact that these varieties are tasty enough and, above all, have a lot of fruiting. This means a higher yield from 1 tree and, of course, it pays off. You can hardly find any regional or local varieties here. They are often virtually unknown outside the place of their origin and are not as prolific as other species. On the other hand, they can be a great enrichment of the gene pool, and many of them are definitely worth preserving.

On the other hand, growing your own produce has its drawbacks. The first is that you have fruits only once a year. Yes, you can cook it or save it in any other way, but you can enjoy fresh apples only in the fall. But you can find them in stores all year round. How is it possible? First of all, due to the fact that the product is practically imported from all over the world, it also means from different climatic conditions. And in different parts of the country, the fruits ripen at different times. Therefore, you can have fresh pears all year round.
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It can also infect trees with parasites. For example, for an apple tree, you need to pay attention to aphids, which ants like to grow here. They can easily destroy the entire crop before it ripens. Therefore, act decisively and in time, as soon as something on your tree becomes invisible to you.

Harsh winters and hot and dry summers can damage or destroy trees, especially if they are young. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure proper protection.

Despite all this, growing your own fruit will pay off. Anyone who tries it and tastes apples from their own garden will not want anything else. Not to mention the feeling of pride that you raised them yourself. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a small garden.