The Czech Republic is full of beautiful names and surnames. Let\’s see what the Czechs have to say about them. Let\’s start with girls.


A name of Hebrew origin,meaning God is my ingredient . Previously, the name Elizabeth was used. Typical nicknames for Elishka are Eli, Elcha, and Erda.
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Tereza is a female name of uncertain origin, associated with the island of Thera. There are more than 70,000 women with this name in the Czech Republic. Derivatives include Réza, Terezia, and Theresa, which are derived from English.


More than 100,000 women in the Czech Republic have this name; like Eliška, Anna is of Hebrew origin andmeans kind. Domestic forms are Anička, Any, and Annie. Children named Anna appeared primarily as nobles or monarchs. Anna of the Brandenburgs, Anna of the Jagiellons, and many others.
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The name comes from an ancient Greek name meaningpure. If you hear a friend call your name, it is guaranteed to beKatya orKachi. For example, Irish Caitriona,Norwegian Kali, Polish Katagina.


Moving on to male names, the first is of Czech origin, derived from Hebrew,meaning “the Lord is gracious“. From German, Hans – Johannes is sometimes used. I forgot to mention that this name has been used for many popes and rulers throughout history. They include the famous John Nepomuk and John Hus.


This is another name of Hebrew origin, but very popular in the Czech Republic. Jakub appears in the Bible, and many believers respect Jakub. In the country, he is usually called Kuba or Yakoubek.


Finally, it is not of Hebrew origin, but Aramaic, meaning twin. In the world,Thomas is the second most commonly used word, after English,Tommaso Italian,Tomasz and Polish.


And the last name today is George. It is of Greek origin and meansfarmer. A very special name is Yurii, which, surprisingly, is given by about 3,000 men. However, its origins may be from other countries, such as Old Slavic or Russian.

What name would you give your offspring?