No, you can\’t weave a web, but finding a free web development service and tinkering with it to create a new website is not difficult; even elementary school children can do it. But there are no websites like websites, some are excellent, some are inferior, there are a few at the top of the website iceberg, and they usually have a good web designer, copywriter, well managed marketing pieces such as SEO. A successful website can be created by any website if you spend the money. It just needs the right idea presented in an attractive way and supported by paid advertising to make the site visible and get traffic. Because traffic is what everyone who launches a website is after.
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They want to get a lot of traffic and they want their visitors to do what the site is set up to do. That is, they usually buy some goods or services. Even if traffic to your site is high enough, it does you no good if you can\’t keep your customers on the site long enough to make a purchase. If traffic is low, you have no one to sell to.
In short, it really is an art to build a successful website without professional help and without paid advertising. Without it, I dare say you have no chance of making a bite, and at best you will only get a few people to traffic, and those people will not even spread your site further. Whatever topic you come up with, type it into a search engine and see how many sites on that topic already exist and are right in front of you if you are going to start a site. No, it\’s not meant to discourage you from starting your own site, it\’s meant to warn you about the competition you want to face and who you can learn a lot from. Before you start building your own website, you need to be clear about what purpose you want the website to serve, whether it is a hobby or to earn a living. Also, how will you make a living? What do you expect from your website?
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If you are already clear on this, then hooray for production! I wish you lots of success and great traffic as your site fulfills its purpose.