Feminism is undoubtedly a wonderful ideology that promotes equality between the sexes. It has already solved the biggest problem in Western civilization. It has given women the right to vote, to education, and to employment. Of course, it is still plagued by some of the problems associated with it, but as we look around the world, we can only be thankful for the status of women in Europe. We must not forget, however, that such ideology is not common in the world.

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In China, for example, the well-known one-child policy resulted in many times more men than women. The consequences of this policy continue to weigh heavily on China to this day. For what reason did mothers leave their sons? It is based on tradition. Women are not allowed to perform funerals for the dead. Tens of millions of women are scarce for marriage, so men try to procure them in other countries. For example, they have their wives imported from Cambodia. Chinese men claim that Chinese women can indeed choose their wives and that the less successful, poorer villagers are left with no potential wives.

For example, if a man dies alone (not uncommon in villages), his family will dig up the woman\’s body and bury her together.

The situation is similar in India, where on average about seven women are missing for every 100 men. The husband\’s family receives a dowry and a new labor force. It is not surprising, therefore, that boys are preferred, especially among the poorer classes, and thus have a chance to bring wealth to the family.

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According to the European Institute for Gender Equality, 180,000 girls are at risk of female circumcision in the European Union. This practice has become a tradition, especially in Sahelian countries. Of course, this trend also extends to Sweden and France. However, Egypt, where 87% of women are circumcised, is the largest hotbed of female circumcision.