First, let\’s talk about what such firms actually do and how they function. Research firms conduct a variety of surveys about the market, the popularity of particular companies, customer service satisfaction, customer buying habits, and so on. The contractors are companies that need or want to know what their customers think of them and how satisfied they are with them.
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A questionnaire is then prepared and presented to the client, but often the questions are prepared directly and the agency simply prepares the survey questions. Based on this questionnaire, an operator calls people, often with random numbers generated by the system. Yes, such programs do exist. Those who don\’t believe it and accuse such people on the phone can look it up on the Internet. Of course, one could also call the targeted customers of a company to gauge their satisfaction.
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If you get a call from such an operator, don\’t be afraid to participate. How do you think various surveys and polls are designed? Is it by phone, email, or in-person? Let\’s not forget that people are doing their jobs, as are all of us. So there is no need to scold, insult, or undermine calls to such people during self-introductions. This shows our human rudeness. If you do not wish to participate in such a study, just say so politely. Consider your own behavior. If you get a call from such a person, there is absolutely nothing wrong with participating in the study. If they are busy, make another appointment. Even those who are unable to do other work due to health reasons can do such work if they can make money. So be nice to those people and behave normally. Unfortunately, many people behave badly. I don\’t think that is appropriate.
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It\’s a shame, even though many of us don\’t want to answer those calls at all. I can do my part to improve the service of a particular company, store, or association. How else are we supposed to improve our service? That is exactly what surveys are for. In short, survey companies are just like any other company and exist in our market. There is no reason to fear them. And if you like communicating with people, don\’t hesitate to sign up to be a telephone operator. Just be prepared for a lot of obnoxious people and people who will insult you, but don\’t be.