Most of us yearnfor Christmas. The atmosphere, the food, the family time, the vacations, and the presents; we long for the time when the fourth candle is lit, the green fir trees scent the room, and the sparkling flasks and rustling wrapping paper. Advent wreaths, candles, fir trees, flasks, lights, gifts, food, all must first be won in the pre-Christmas marathon of discounting and shopping.
as early asOctober. I wanted to buy Halloween decorations, but there were none.
Nákupy jsou někdy na zabití.
“We\’ve been selling them since August,” the saleswoman tells me.
Here comes the marathon.
The hypermarket literally fills the store with advent calendars
, chocolate angels, devils, St. Nicholas
, edible tree ornamentsand even Christmas stockings.
And stores selling a variety of trinkets, clothing, and toys begin to change their seasonal offerings elsewhere. On television, green alienswarn people not to make last-minute purchases, and toy ads play one after another. By then, the pre-Christmas marathon is in full swing. Such
starting platforms nakupování o Vánocíchare
decorations in shopping centers.

Everyone is kneeling on blocks. Ready, set, go! And off we go with a new remix of “All I want for Christmas is you”. Red signs everywhere,discounts and specials. And we shop, tossing all sorts of things into our baskets. What if the kids want new sleeping bags for Christmas? Peanuts! That\’s what we eat on New Year\’s Eve. And the napkins? I\’ll take the whole box.
nakupování o Vánocích
Is it an October racer or do you panic the week before Christmas? Why shop so far in advance ?
“Advent calendars are on sale. Already? Don\’t take it with you, it\’ll go bad. But what if they\’re all bought up?” Sowe fear that others will cash in on what we need, or that we won\’t have time at the beginning of December.
We all unnecessarily make fools of ourselves and stress ourselves out. [Isn\’t Christmas supposed to be peaceful and quiet? [Is it worth participating in such madness? The stores are overflowing. Think all you want, but you must go crazy at the end of the day.
Don\’t let Christmas in October or November get the better of you. Light the candles, enjoy the falling leaves, and trust me, Christmas will be more enjoyable even if you enjoy it later.