What if I were a boy today and had to choose the love of my life? The answer to why is very simple. Because we have girls at both extremes. If you look at the girls in one group, you see tall Donald Duck wearing wigs and fake hair, and sometimes you see eyes of unusual color. Yes, colored contacts. So when I look into a girl\’s eyes, I am not looking into her soul, but into the structure of the lenses. The second group is the lazy girls who are depressed, spoiled by life, overeating, unable to even walk or have even normal physiological needs.


As a boy, I want to find a girl who doesn\’t fit into either group, but isn\’t contrived or carrying 200 pounds. In this day and age of social media, most women have a complex about how they look. Women and girls who are not artistic savages think they are not beautiful enough, so they start thinking about how they can improve their bodies and be like the women on social media. When I look at the girls today, they all look the same and there is not much room for choice. Long curly hair, either completely blonde or completely black.


Skinny bodies that look like they are suffering from anorexia or a bulimia-like illness, bulging breasts, hips, lips, and unnaturally white teeth. Worst of all, normal girls feel ugly and depressed because they cannot appreciate their natural beauty. Do you support Donald Duck or do you support the natural beauty of women? Men, take this issue into your own hands and let me tell you that natural women are the most precious thing in the world. Let us stop this artificial world that pretends to be perfect. It\’s not just a matter of female beauty, other things play a part too…