First of all, with the change in the law, there are no more nonstop gambling establishments operating as before, only casinos have that privilege. Even ordinary “taverns” must undergo the so-called compulsory registration if they have machines in them.
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What does registration mean? They scan your ID and find virtually all data about you, including your birth number. The registration is primarily to make sure that people on social benefits, people with outstanding debts or alimony, people in foreclosure or bankruptcy, etc. cannot play, because all these systems were supposed to be linked from the beginning of this year.
However–perhaps there was a mistake somewhere–that is not the case, so virtually anyone can play, and if they want to get a cup of coffee somewhere, they have to go somewhere where there are no machines, or even register as such. Of course, most people who do not actively play do not like this, since the authorities can request information about you at any time, even though the system is not linked.
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Simply put, even if the intentions are good, people who have money to play the machines should not be gambling at all, even though of course they are not working and are on welfare or paying child support, and the companies are pay the price, because people who just want a cup of coffee or whatever are usually not going to sign up. First, many of them don\’t know that the system is not connected, and second, why should they give out their personal information if they just want a drink?
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What is the future of registration?

1) Registration will no longer be mandatory. Politicians promise that by 2019 at the latest the system will be linked and those receiving social and other benefits will no longer register.
2) On the other hand, even the politicians themselves admit that it may take another three years before the system is linked.
3) What can be inferred from this is that compulsory registration has so far “played” with those in debt, those in arrears, and those who refuse to work honestly, and that it has also “affected” businesses that have machines but also function as eating establishments, as registration keeps them from attracting customers. have been “affected” by the registration.