This is a phenomenon discussed in many articles in various periodicals, both in print and online. Due to its factual prevalence, it is also of interest to specialists, in this case psychologists. Of course, they, like the majority of society, do not, after all, see it in a positive way.  
vývěsní štít „Hotel mama frei“
This is a common condition ” child “, in most cases already bearded for many years, does not want to leave behind his room. The motivation for such actions should first of all be sought in the minds of the actors themselves, that is, the offspring and their parents. But there is not alone. At least in part, this situation arises from the development of society throughout the Western world and, if you will, is its current logical part. The realization of your own housing is not economically rosy, and if you combine it with other factors, everything will fall into place. The opportunity to travel and enjoy the various joys and pastimes that Europeans (and not only them) achieve thanks to salaries, as well as future bonus savings – all these are the pillars on which most of today\’s “mamahotels” stand. And it is clear that this is indeed a chain of hostels that are denser than the real accommodation companies own. According to the latest statistics, you can talk about about 50 million Czechs who do not want to jump out of the family nest “too early”. The ratio of young men and women who remain between the twenties and thirties in the house with their parents makes it more unpleasant “boys “. The percentage is about 30 for women and less than 50 for men. Even in the 1980s, such information would have been unimaginable.
domácí plněný bramborový knedlík
But the 1990s started this trend in all its glory, and the beginning of the new millennium marked a real harvest of this phenomenon. They continue to this day and it really doesn\’t look like a turning point. A wider choice for studying at a university and building a career in a diverse company is another reason to stay longer under the wings of parents. Economics is economics. what about the wedding? No need to hurry, first we will enjoy something, we will save, there will be enough time.
It\’s the best at home with Mom and dad, because it\’s good everywhere!