Pressure gauges are good helpers for the elderly, but some are detrimental to health. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this and end up paying a lot of money for an ordinary device that is useless. For example, experts recommend digital blood pressure monitors, but massage chairs should be placed in retail stores. Massage chairs do not have an adjustable massage surface, so they stimulate inappropriate areas for people of different heights. The same is true of massage recliners, which can cause varicose vein problems in the elderly.
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Experts do not recommend magnetic therapy for the home either, as it is best used only under the supervision of a physician or professional. Machines cannot diagnose problems by themselves, the human touch is always the more natural means. Doctors sometimes recommend underwater foot massage or exercise bikes. These are active devices, not passive, results-less, and only cost money. Reclining beds are appreciated by the elderly.

For example, when purchasing a pressure gauge, several rules must be followed. High-quality pressure gauges are not cheap, but the price range from a few hundred to several thousand crowns is decisive with regard to their features. Some instruments offer wireless connection to cell phones and storage of measurements. The size of the display and the legibility of the letters and numbers vary among the models of different manufacturers
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. They are easy to operate, even for those who are not familiar with electronic devices. The purchase of a blood pressure monitor should be made at a pharmacy or specialty store, not on an Internet site. Sometimes, this option is also available at the doctor\’s office, where the doctor can recommend a brand and type of device from which to purchase one. On the other hand, pressure gauges sold in hypermarkets are inaccurate in their readings and their lifespan is not comparable to that of quality ones. As for the settings, it is usually not possible to adjust the values individually.