How do you feel when you enter your apartment after a day\’s work? Do you feel relaxed and liberated, or do you feel a tightening in your throat and a vague sense of unease? Of course, you could blame it on being overwhelmed by restless ancestral spirits or geopathic zones and ask for an exorcism or dowser. But before we do that, let\’s consider whether our surroundings are overflowing with unwanted objects.
With Christmas fast approaching, the season of winter cleaning is upon us. Here are four simple tips to bring freedom and freshness not only to your home, but also to your mind.
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1. Get rid of everything that is no longer useful
Whether it is a collection of porcelain cherubs, a cute alarm clock that has long since fallen into disuse, or a “helper” in the kitchen that has been waiting years for the sunny day it finally needs These items all have one thing in common. Be merciless in disposing of them. Throw them away, sell them, or donate them. Before you know it, you won\’t really miss them.
The same goes for clothes, books, and dishes. Keep what you use and have feelings for. Otherwise, get rid of everything else. Throw them away, sell them, or give them to someone in need. You will find that you can get along just fine without them.
2. Space out
A fresh breeze needs a free-flowing path. Both physically and mentally. Remove obstacles such as freestanding trash cans and backpacks. Put what can be put in the locker and what cannot be put in the locker against the wall. Throw out artificial or dead flowers and replace them with live ones.
Go through all cupboards and drawers and remove anything that has no use and is just taking up space. Get rid of old photos and anything that reminds you of bad times or people who have hurt you.
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3. Fix broken things
If you come across furniture or clothes that you want to keep or have to buy new, don\’t throw them away immediately, but consider whether you can repair them and bring them back to life. An old chest of drawers that is half-decayed can be glued together and repainted, clothes can be mended, and flowers can be cleaned and replanted if they are not completely dry.
When buying new things, emphasize that they can be reused; don\’t buy clothes that you know you will throw away after three washes; replace disposable items with reusable ones. This saves money and the environment.
4. Respect the natural order
Follow your feelings and heart to feel comfortable at home. Hang straight what should be hung. What should lie down, lie down. What belongs together, keep together.
Curtains should hang at the edge of the pelmet during the day so as not to block light from entering the room. If curtains are lowered to the floor, there should be nothing under the curtains that would cause them to suck or twist. Toilet seats should be flat. Stools should be placed near the chair. Do not zigzag across the living room.
Order on the table means order in your head. You will find that you feel better once you adopt this rule. The less stuff in your apartment, the lower your stress level. Because it is always tidier.